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Thread: Read any good books lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scurlogue View Post
    The Wellington & Napoleon Quartet. Simon Scarrow.

    On the 3rd book in this series now. Historical novels.

    Thoroughly recommended to anyone interested in the subject.
    Finished the series now.

    Excellent series of books. Follows Wellington and Napoleon from birth to just after Waterloo. Historical fiction based on the facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinny View Post
    Not read that one, poor quote from a supposed author, Stephen King on the cover though, "I am literally tongue-tied", don't think so Steve.
    I wish Stephen would get tongue-tied and stfu. Some of the stuff he comes out with on Twitter nowadays is first-rate horseshit. I don't use Twitter but some of the craps he spouts inevitably winds up on the news sites I frequent. IIRC, he tweeted out simply 'Karma' when linking to an article about a group of Republicans dying in a train crash. I guess The Shining and Dr. Sleep didn't do enough to exorcise the Jack Torrance part of his psyche. It looks like quitting the bottle just turned him onto yet another demon: obsessive party politics.

    Anyways I'm reading some Lovecraft. His writing is classically melodramatic but cosy feeling. Far superior to the stuff that King's come up with.

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